November 29, 2014

What is SAMM MD?

To answer that question we must first answer what a SAMM System is?

MRI Non-Magnetic Safety and Movement Monitoring System (SAMM System)
The Safety And Movement Monitoring System (SAMM System) is a revolutionary MRI camera system which allows a technologist to easily monitor the patient while inside the magnet. Our patient monitoring system utilizes one or more HD video cameras, which can be mounted on any wall in the magnet room.

The entire Patient Observation System is RF shielded and filtered to remove any unwanted image artifacts.

The live feed from the SAMM System Cameras are then sent to a high resolution LCD monitor inside the operator room which delivers excellent video every time.

The SAMM System may reduce your liability risk as well. All scans can be recorded with our DVR option, which may protect your facility from potential lawsuits.


Our Device, currently patent pending, takes the the SAMM System, replaces the DVR standard with a powerful PC loaded with motion detection software. The high resolution LCD monitor is upgraded to a touchscreen interface and the SAMM M.D. motion detection software comes pre-installed.

With the SAMM M.D. Software, the technician can observe the patient live, record the session, and most importantly, have active motion detection through the program’s ‘HotSpots’. When movement is detected, the technician receives an audio and on-screen notification to prevent wasting time on re-scans.

While SAMM M.D. is perfectly functional with one camera, it is recommended to use three (3) cameras; one camera placed in front of the bore, behind the bore, and one encompassing the room thoroughly, thus allowing for a full room view.

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