November 30, 2014


What is SAMM MD?

The SAMM MD is a Patient Observation System that combines three key aspects: An MRI Compatible Camera System, a low-profile PC to store and process live video feeds, and a Motion detection algorithm that notifies the technician when the patient is moving, saving time and money, as well as soothing the patient.[top]

Who needs SAMM MD?

SAMM MD is meant to work with any environment where patient movement is of critical importance. From MRI and CT scans,to monitoring patients that may be in a vegetative state, coma, or waking from anesthesia. SAMM MD can be set to watch for movement of the patient’s eye lid or hand, and immediately notifying the caregiver that the patient is starting to rouse.[top]

Where can SAMM MD be used?

Everywhere! SAMM MD is MRI-Compatible for all major MRI manufacturers.[top]


  • Patient safety – Main concern for all hospitals and imaging centers
  • Budget – Cost of re-scans and faulty images
  • Easy to Use – Easily monitor, control, and communicate
  • Customer care – We will be there to attend to all your concerns and needs


How does SAMM MD work?

SAMM MD is a combination of MRI compatible cameras and a new algorithm that “reads” motion my noticing a change of color or reference frame and notifies the technician of that movement, thus saving time and money during scans.[top]

Is there more then one build option for SAMM MD?

Yes, but we recommend a three-camera system: one camera for the room, the second camera for the front of the bore, and the third camera to look into the back of the bore. [top]

I have a SAMM System. Can I upgrade to the SAMM MD?

Absolutely! Call us at (866) 530-7850 or email us. We can quote you a price for the program and computer system. [top]

Where can I lease SAMM MD?

Call Sound imaging at (866) 530-7850 or email us to find out more about SAMM MD.[top]