November 29, 2014

SAMM M.D. System

SAMM M.D. is a system of high definition cameras paired with motion detecting and monitoring software for patients and the MRI environment. The touch screen user interface and user-friendly software brings MRI suites a winning combination! The program allows your technicians to quickly set the patient profile, assign HotSpot to multiple cameras, and start monitoring with ease, assign HotSpot to multiple cameras, and start monitoring 

Camera Specifications:

  • Resolution: 1280 x 960*
  • Megapixels: 1.2MP
  • Image Buffer: 16MB
  • Interface: GigE PoE

*cameras set to 640×480 for multi-camera motion monitoring/detection

HotSpot Features:

  • Mild/Extreme settings will generate a sound and on-screen notification that the patient has moved
  • Customize HotSpot sensitivity, size and location
  • Profile function allows for preset HotSpot settings for different scans and patients
  • Multiple HotSpot can be placed across the entire screen

Recording Scans:

  • Motion Detection software standard with SAMM M.D.
  • Each camera generates individual MPG file
  • Burn the sessions to a DVD
  • Great for making training videos
  • Can be used to reduce liability in the MRI suite

Nights and Weekends Mode:

  • Mode to monitor motion in targeted areas for MRI suite security during nights and weekends
  • Receive email notification with screenshot when movement is detected during nights and weekends mode
  • Password protected

Upcoming features:

  • HIS/RIS Compatible*
  • Patented


*expected availability Summer 2017

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