November 29, 2014

What is SAMM MD?


In development for over 4 years, the newly patented SAMM MD (Safety and Motion Monitoring with Motion Detection) System is an MRI patient motion reduction system designed for MR suites. The technology allows technicians to monitor MRI patients during scanning procedures with the added feature of motion detection. It enables technologists to automatically detect motion in real time, reducing the number of imaging artifacts and costly re-scans. The SAMM MD System consists of high-definition cameras that are MR-safe, RF shielded, and comes paired with a high performance computer system with pre-installed software.  Every patient video can be saved after their scan for training and liability purposes.

SAMM MD System is safer and more efficient.

SAMM MD System takes MRI patient motion prevention to another level. Comprised of a high resolution LCD monitor with a touchscreen interface, the SAMM MD has added motion detection through customizable hot spots. The software monitors the patient, notifying the technologist of movement instantaneously with an auditory alert and onscreen notification.

Sound Imaging’s SAMM MD System (Safety and Movement Monitoring with Motion Detection) was designed to address a “wish list” of issues brought up by the MRI Staff at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. SAMM MD System implements patented hardware and software that integrates with the MRI scanner to:

  • Optionally pause the MRI scanner during patient motion or movement to help increase patient safety, reduce repeat scans, and increase image quality
  • Visually and audibly alert the patient and MRI Technologist about motion
  • Remotely/locally alert and record anyone entering the MRI room, one of the most dangerous rooms in a hospital or imaging center,  24/7
  • Optionally record the MRI patient during their entire MRI scan, the instant they enter the MRI room
  • Allow MRI Technologists to actually “see their patients” in real-time with MRI-compatible HD video display
  • Fully integrate with the MRI patient worklist so patient videos are time-stamped and searchable to help reduce potential legal exposure(s)
  • Record videos that can be used to help with Technologist training to reduce claustrophobia and increase patient safety


  • Easy to use
  • Saves time & money
  • Reduces re-scans
  • Reduces patient claustrophobia & anxiety
  • Patient can alert technologist if uncomfortable
  • Layer of protection from liability issues
  • Recorded videos for training, research and more
  • Allows patient monitoring in real time
  • Decreases the number of motion artifacts
  • Reduces the number of re-scans
  • Increases revenue with more scans per day
  • Protects from liability issues
  • Serves as an excellent training tool
  • Ensures patient safety and comfort

Package Includes:

  • MR-safe HD video cameras
  • Computer with motion tracking software
  • Monitors with touchscreen interface

SAMM MD System and MRI CCTV Patient Camera (standard) increase image quality and make scanning processes safer and more comfortable for patients. To get a free quote call (866) 530-7850 or email [email protected]!

Sound Imaging’s line of MRI accessories includes SAMM MD, MRI Stereo, MRI Visor and Magnet Watch.

SAMM MD | MRI Stereo | MRI Visor | Magnet Watch

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