November 29, 2014

Why Should I buy SAMM MD?



Any movement during a scan can cause artifacts in the images, which may cause the scan to have to be redone, wasting time and money. SAMM MD provides benefits for all MRI Suite personnel.

* Console may vary from picture.

CFO & Radiological Manager Benefits

  • Training opportunities, feedback
  • Video recordings provide layer of protection from lawsuits
  • Videos stored on 1Tb Hard Drive for referencing
  • Ability to transfer videos to a CD/DVD
  • Quick ROI

Technologist Benefits:

  • Reliable camera system for patient monitoring
  • Technicians and Patients receive motion detection alerts immediately via visual/audio messages
  • Optionally Integrate DICOM/Patient Work List
  • SAMM MD will be the “second set of eyes” technologists can depend on


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